When in Los Angeles, eat Cajun

I’m going way back again because, well, I wasn’t doing my blog when I was eating all this amazing food and I think you.need.to.know.bout.it.

In April, my dear friend, Matt, got married to the love of his life, Patrick. It was a great wedding in Palm Springs. They had churros instead of wedding cake. There were multiple pools and a super fun photo booth. But their super cute wedding is not why we’re here, folx. Don’t get distracted.

My partner, Alex (whom I’m sure you’ll hear about) and I flew into LAX and then waited about 2.375 lifetimes for our luggage to touchdown. We drove directly to Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen. I’d waited my whole life for this moment, I just hadn’t known that.

Now, I live in New Orleans and we do not lack for good food, even vegan food. That said, I rarely get to eat proper Cajun vegan food and I was pumped for this. You and I still don’t know each other very well, so let me tell you about myself: I cannot make a decision to save my life. Not in my personal life at least. I just cannot do it. So now you know:

  1. I adore spicy food. Burn my tongue off, please.
  2. Decisions are not my friends. I often make my friends make all my life decisions for me, including what I should eat or drink at any given time. Or if I should buy those shoes.

So…I ordered almost one of everything. One of the great things about Alex (my partner) is that he’s pretty much a bottomless pit so I can’t really over-order. Whatever I don’t eat, he consumes. It’s a great set up! And I suppose that’s thing number 3:

3. I share my life, and home, and cat with someone else. That someone else is called Alex. He is an omnivore who enjoys all sorts of food. Early in our relationship he had a crash course in a) asking for a bite of my food and 2) you don’t get half my plate – I don’t get to try any of yours so back off mine. (This is going to be a future blog post, don’t you worry.)

Y’all, we legit ordered:

  • Cornbread
  • Fried pickles
  • Jambalaya
  • Okra gumbo
  • Collard greens
  • Potato salad
  • Beignets
  • Endless cups of chicory coffee (including to go) with almond milk because you cannot get a good cup of chicory coffee with dairy alternative in NOLA unless you’re in a 100% vegan restaurant, really. Like, we need to have that conversation, NOLA – what.is.that.about.
all the eats
*Part* of our order. Those fried pickles are nearest me because I was not having any of that sharing sh*t.

We didn’t manage to make it through all of that food in one sitting, but we did try. What we couldn’t get through, we packed up and ate throughout the weekend, including when we were rather drunk thanks to the free wedding drinks. That jambalaya and gumbo got better sat in the fridge, let me tell you that. Take it home. Let it sit. And then eat some more. Especially the gumbo which I was fine to leave when we ordered, but pouring down my throat post-vows and dancing.

Those fried pickles and ranch still visit me in my dreams. Those didn’t last more than a few minutes and I’m pretty sure Alex was at risk for losing a hand when we got near the end. I will hurt you if you take fried foods that I need in my life.

And I didn’t really have high hopes for the beignets; I wasn’t even going to order them. But then I realized that I was lying to myself, that I had least had to try them. Best vegan beignets I’ve had and the best beignets full-stop (hey, I haven’t always been vegan). Alex, the non-veg, even ate those up. (But it was okay because at this point I was pretty full so I didn’t need to stab his hand with a fork. I could share.) EAT THEM. They are crispy on the outside, fluffy&warm&delicious on the inside, and covered in not-too-much powdered sugar. So, y’know, what a beignet is meant to be. But vegan!

Straight off a plane and into the restaurant. Repping NOLA and a messy bun getting down on that fried dough.

If you live your days in L.A. or you’re just visiting, stop into Krimsey’s for some good Cajun eats. And then tell me how their poboys are so I can book a seat on the next flight out.

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