I eat vegan food. And a lot of it. At the moment, I’m lucky to call New Orleans home, but I have a tendency to wander. Recently, some people told me I should start a vegan blog for new hotspots, old favorites, and tips. And let’s be honest – it was like two people and my experiences are me going out of my way and spending my dollars to shove delicious, not-usually-healthy vegan eats into my mouthhole, taking pictures of it, and then writing some words that often include ten hashtags (#hastaguser). And now I can say I’m doing it for y’all.

Sometimes I travel, but only when my bank account and credit cards allow it. Then I will explore all of the vegan things and report back.

I’m here to share what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s vegan. I’m also going to show you pictures of my cat (it’s inevitable) as well as some other random thoughts I’m going to have. I pretty much only expect my mom to read this. And that’s okay – she should know what’s up.

But here’s what I’m not about. Judging others. It’s great if you follow a vegan diet for whatever reason you do it! But hey, that doesn’t work for everyone, so I’m not going come at you if you don’t. I don’t have to agree with how your food is made and you don’t have to agree with me on…well, anything. (I’ve got some pretty vehement ideas on spice and garlic, tbh.) So let’s all be adults and be respectful, okay? Cool.

Why ‘The World’s Mine Vegan Oyster’? I hope it’s pretty obvious, but Shakespeare. For those of you dying for a cite, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Act 2, Scene ii, 4-5. (Also, can we be friends?!) Books, pets, a good cause, good vegan nosh, Shakespeare, and the periodic bout of exercise = a happy life. I figure if I’m spending the money to try all the foods (and I have no plans to stop doing that), I may as well do something with it in hopes it gives you some insight. Also, the world is pretty bleak so thanks for giving me the opportunity to focus on something other than politics, news, and disaster for a few moments.

I feel like I should be honest with you and tell you I know¬†nothing about technology. I would love to put a search bar somewhere on this site for y’all. Or figure out how to get a page with a list of my blogs. But alas, my brain doesn’t do that sort of thing. So I will try to figure that all out, if y’all could just bear with me.

Join me as I explore mine vegan oyster world, which I will open with my sword — er, rather my pen, which is mightier after all.